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Tracy Luv You Long Time

by | 30th, June 2003

‘THE Street’s very own Bonnie and Clyde rode off into the sunset last week, not with the proceeds of Mike’s factory but with their tails between their legs.

”Tracy! Did you order a spring roll?”

Karen had confessed all to Mike on the promise that he’s not go to the police and that she’d get her job back.

You’d think that Karen would have been working for Mike long enough to realise that his promises are about as reliable as a Connex train timetable – once he’d got her to sign a confession, he promptly told her that she had to pay him eight grand in compensation or leave the Street forever.

As Karen’s collection of Ratners jewellery was never going to come close to that amount, she was forced to leave the Street alone and in tears.

”Good riddance to bad rubbish,” remarked Janice on hearing the news. Steve, however, feels otherwise and, after Hayley told him that Karen hasn’t gone off with Joe after all, Steve has vowed to track her down.

But even he hasn’t been pining too hard for Karen during her absence as he decided to make use of Weatherfield’s latest leisure facility, Tracy Barlow.

On hearing that Steve was to spend his birthday alone, Tracy decided to give him a very special present to unwrap. ”Fancy a Chinese?” she whispered into his ear. ”How do you like it? Hot and spicy or cool and creamy?”

And just like a dodgy takeaway, anyone who samples Tracy is left feeling a bit sick. ”You can’t just dump me like this Steve,” she wailed in the Rovers.

Hayley had just been lecturing Tracy on how shallow and meaningless all her relationships are only minutes before and Tracy decides to take her anger out on the harmless, well-meaning ladyboy.

According to the tabloids, Tracy Luv is set to spike Roy’s drink and pretend that she’d slept with him. In what way is pretending to sleep with Roy Cropper going to enhance her reputation? Even her mum, Deirdre, wouldn’t stoop that low.

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