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Di Another Day

by | 4th, July 2003

‘WHAT happened to Princess Diana when she died? No, after she was taken to that French hospital.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a white Fiat Uno…

‘She went to Heaven?’ Possibly. ‘She went to Harvey Nichols?’ Nice guess, but no tiara. ‘She didn’t die, it’s a trick question. She lives on in our hearts like a beacon of love and niceness.’

Partly right and partly utterly wrong.

The Princess of Shops did live on – she was brought back to life in the pages of Marvel Comics as a mutant superhero who battles evil.

The Sun has a picture from Di Another Day, the story featuring Di in its X-Statix comic book series.

Diana is dressed in a pink dress, stockings and high heels, and seen vaulting the head of a large fat demon. Di lives.

It’s all so unexpected – which is nothing like the much-expected reactions of good and decent people, who find the whole thing disgusting, revolting and, most probably, sacrilegious.

The Sun says that the comic has been branded ‘sick’ and ‘tasteless’. A comic expert arrives to say: ‘Most people think it is in incredibly bad taste.’

‘It’s just sick,’ says another.

And so very wrong to portray Diana as a superhero. For one thing, the Princess would never be caught dead in Spandex…

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