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Collateral Damage

by | 4th, July 2003

‘THE war in Iraq may drag on for another decade, according to some sources this week, but the Government’s battle with the BBC looks to have been won.

Who will get the chop first?

The Times says Auntie is on the edge of defeat over its claim that Tony Blair’s spin doctor Alastair Campbell ‘sexed up’ an intelligence dossier on Iraq.

A report by a House Of Commons select committee is expected to rule in favour of Mr Campbell today in what looks to be a decisive stage of the war.

It is now surely only a matter of time before we see down-trodden executives at the BBC handing out flowers to their Government liberators and pulling down statues of Greg Dyke.

Corporation executives have acknowledged to the Times that ‘heads may roll’ if the Foreign Affairs committee delivers such a verdict.

And the paper says that the position of defence correspondent Andrew Gilligan, the so-called jack of hearts in the Government’s deck of cards, is under immediate threat.

However, sniping continues, with the Government coming under hostile fire from the Telegraph, which insists today the Tony Blair, British prime minister and friend of the beloved Silvio Berlusconi, did harden up the claim that Iraq could launch its fabled weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes.

The original intelligence merely suggested that Saddam Hussein was ready to rain herds of flying pigs on Israel at a moment’s notice.

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