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by | 8th, July 2003

‘WITH Tony and his gang’s popularity sinking by the day, the time is surely ripe for a leadership challenge from that old-fashioned socialist and Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone.

‘I had someone apart from Ken Livingstone in the back of my cab once’

You can see Ken stepping into his cab, and heading to Iraq to sort out the mess over there. It’s then back in the taxi for a tour of the States, the driver keeping the meter running while Ken pops into the UN and finds a solution to world hunger and religious bigotry.

It will be some cab fare but it will be worth it. In any case, as the Telegraph says, Ken’s already spent £3,000 on taxi fares in the last year in readiness for his role.

Clever old Ken has by-passed the London congestion charge – the one he created to reduce traffic and pollution in the capital – by hopping in cabs.

And in declining a free bus and Tube pass, Ken saved London’s sardine-like commuters having the life squeezed out of them by one extra body.

Already Ken’s lead is being followed – and even bettered. Nicky Gavron, Ken’s Labour opponent at the next mayoral elections, spent £4,484.92 of Londoners’ money on cabs.

Like Ken, she declined the offer of a free travel card, preferring to support the beleaguered cabbies in their time of need.

Ken’s radical policy is working well. It can’t be long before he’s taking a cab to the doors of No.10…

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