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by | 8th, July 2003

‘JORDAN fails to make the Mirror’s Top 20 Bachelorettes, but she does squeak into the Sun’s Top 10 Page 3 girls.

Jordan BA MSc 36FF

Ranked at No.8 (squeezed uncomfortably between Jakki Degg and Melinda Messenger), Jordan is described as ‘a little pocket Venus’.

That, however, was before the three boob jobs and any man would need some very large pockets to accommodate her now.

However, while Jordan no doubt celebrates her appearance in the Top 10 with a good book and a glass of claret, the Star has some worrying news for the 25-year-old.

Legal eagle Tia Chapman has abandoned her stuffy career to become a supermodel – and she wants to take on Jordan and Jodie Marsh for the title of Britain’s hottest glamour girl.

‘I admire them both,’ the 21-year-old says, ‘but if you like beauty with your brains I’d come out on top.’

That is not a challenge we expect Jordan or Jodie to pass up.

Jodie, as we know, has 3 A-levels and Jordan has a great many letters after her name…

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