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by | 9th, July 2003

‘TO the amazement of absolutely no-one and as we predicted a couple of days ago, head-of-house Ray has stuck to his previous form and nominated Cameron and Steph for eviction, as well as new girl Lisa.

‘Get ‘im out!’

Immediately, the bookies made the Welsh she-man a red-hot favourite for eviction, with Ladbrokes offering odds of 1-20 on her going – making her an even hotter certainty for the chop than Tania.

As we said, Scott was always going to be safe with his mate Ray doing the choosing, but Nush (who was nominated by Ray last week) saved her bacon with some clever flirting.

Psychic Lisa had, of course, anticipated which three housemates would be nominated. ‘I guessed the three to be honest with you,’ she said. ‘I had it in my mind.’

Seeing as she has managed to get on everyone’s nerves since she entered the house last week, she hardly needed to be Mystic Meg to know that her name would come up yesterday.

But still she managed to rationalise it, claiming that the reason she and Cameron are up for eviction is because they were immune last week.

And not because no-one can stand her…

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