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Legge Over

by | 10th, July 2003

‘ONLY a couple of days’ ago, Big Brother contestant Nush Nowak’s mum was complaining that her daughter wasn’t getting enough nookie inside the house.

Cam prayed that his clever disguise would fool Scott

Now, she is apparently worried that the blonde hippy will get it on with Scott.

‘As long as she keeps her integrity, that’s all that matters,’ Elzbieta tells the Sun. ‘I hope they never bonk.’

Chance would be a fine thing – even with the Sun offering £50,000 for the first couple to get it on in the Big Brother house, there hasn’t been so much as a snog.

Instead, we have to go to France to find a British girl flying the flag – where we meet up again with Eleanor Legge-Burke.

In May, Eleanor was filmed having sex on the French version of the show – and the happy news is that she is still with the man in question.

The Mail spots the cousin of Royal nanny Tiggy Legge-Burke and boyfriend Prosper Masqualier on holiday in St Tropez, two months after their in-house romp.

‘The couple’s outrageous behaviour in Le Big Brother house has made them celebrities in France,’ it says – and claims there is no sign of the passion dimming.

But why can an English girl get it on in France and not here? It can’t have anything to do with the French male seduction technique.

As Prosper snuggled up to Eleanor, the 22-year-old drama student was heard to whisper: ‘Do I set you on fire?’

A good actor he may become, but let’s hope he gets some better scripts in future.

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