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Shelly’s Heroes

by | 14th, July 2003

‘SHELLY had her hen night this week, in the newly discovered/ built Weatherfield Arms. ‘I just want a quiet night,’ she told Tracy before being whisked off onto the dance floor and force-fed double gins.

And the bride wore vomit

Someone else had other plans for Shelly that night in the shape of random extra, Bob.

Bob was on a dare with his mate to see how many women they could sleep with (let’s face it, you’d have to be on a dare to pull Shelly), and decided that a bride-to-be on her hen night was the best a man could get.

After she rejected his advances, he decided to play dirty and drug her drink. Tracy realised what was going on and managed to stop him – not before Bob landed a punch on Ciaran, who’d come in to try and find Sunita.

To be fair, though, punching Keith Duffy in the face can hardly be classed as a crime. Ciaran went to hospital to get a check up (‘no, still no sign of his brain’) and as luck – and soap coincidence – would have it, who should he bump into there but Lucy, about to give birth.

Ciaran phoned Peter who rushed to the Weatherfield General labour ward which, luckily for him, is about the only ward not run by Martin Platt.

Lucy refused to see him until he told her that he’d broken up with Shelly ‘months ago’. ‘I only hope me wedding day is less eventful than me hen night,’ said Shelly. I wouldn’t count on it, love.

Elsewhere on the Street, love is running more smoothly for Curly and Emma, who have kissed and made up, and for Steve and Karen.

Steve had tracked down the international master criminal to her aunt’s flat on a council estate. After a lot of close-up sobbing scenes, Karen agreed to go back to Weatherfield with Steve to resume her career of bitching and backstabbing.

She’ll need to fight hard to regain her Bitch Of The Street title though as Tracy Barlow is a hot young contender. After trying – and failing – to pull a pensioner (Wally), an Asian David Essex impersonator (Dev) and Steve, she’s now undertaken a bet with Bev to pull that well-known ladies man, Roy Cropper.

‘I’m more of a woman than you’ll ever be,’ she spat at poor Hayley. Well, that much at least is true.

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