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by | 11th, July 2003

‘AFTER yesterday’s picture of Clive the model sparrow, the Guardian introduces its readers to Barry, the robin red breast.


Barry offers his best side to the camera and illustrates the story that woodland species of birds are thriving in the northern reaches of England.

Which is just about all that is given the news that life is tougher up north, with more child poverty, less work and more crime than in the south.

The quality-of-life indicators, released by the Department of Rural Affairs, show that the North East is bottom of the league in all things.

The one respite given to Geordies is that they will have to endure their misery for two years less than their southern contemporaries, finally escaping the benighted region at the age of 74 for men and 79 for women.

But Mr Elliott Morley, the environment minister, is more interested by the Guardian wildlife story and Barry.

Attributing the rising numbers of woodland birds to the common agricultural policy, he says that when farming regimes change, birds thrive.

Just ask Steve, the Norfolk turkey…

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