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Scott’s Den

by | 14th, July 2003

‘ON Saturday night, Ray won the bingo challenge. So painfully boring was it that the producers of the Big Brother show reconvened in their new offices at Elstree DSS and decided to do it all again.

‘Scott’s IQ, Number Two…’

When Ray won on Saturday he was offered a reward and then asked with whom he’d like to share it.

Minutes later he was in the Reward Room with Cameron, sat on a pink duvet, listening to soft music and sipping champagne.

So to take two, and Scott’s turn to shout ‘House!’. Ray was the bingo caller, and when he announced number 55, Scott’s mouth began to work.

It was nothing short of a miracle. Scott, the deaf and dumb Scouser, had discovered the power of speech. And the second word he said was ‘Nush’.

The pair where soon secured in the Reward Room. Surely now they would get it on, bag the £50,000 prize and become the first Big Brother lovers.

The thing is they didn’t. Sure, they might have got it on when no-one was looking – and in this series of Big Brother that must happen with increasing frequency.

But if they did, Nush isn’t letting on. And Scott…well, he, isn’t talking…

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