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Song For Whoever

by | 16th, July 2003

‘WANTED: A Tchaikovsky-loving, insomniac, bird enthusiast who has recently lost a cockatiel in the Sunderland area.

And introducing, on percussion…

You wouldn’t have thought there were many people meeting the above description, but for James and Elaine Redhead one cannot come forward quick enough.

The couple provide a temporary home to lost birds for the RSPCA, and so were happy to welcome a grey and yellow cockatiel called Spiky when it was brought in eight days ago.

But in just a week Spiky has managed to drive them to distraction by whistling excerpts from the 1812 Overture at the ungodly hour of 4am.

‘Every morning at 4am, he stands to attention and starts whistling, which sets all the other birds off and wakes everyone up,’ Mrs Redmond tells the Times.

‘Someone must have taken a lot of time and trouble training him, so I’m sure they are missing him and it’s only right that he should go back to his true owner.’

An RSPCA spokeswoman said she was confident that Spiky’s owner would come forward – although maybe not after discovering the joys of a good night sleep.

If the owner doesn’t come forward, the Redmonds could always try playing the cockatiel at his own game.

After all, a shotgun could easily recreate the live cannons in the Tchaikovsky overture…

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