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Brush With Fame

by | 18th, July 2003

‘SUCH are her many and varied talents that Jodie Marsh is often described as the British Jennifer Lopez – at least in the grounds of her parents’ Brentwood mansion.

‘Does my bum look small in this?’

But whereas J-Mo is happy to show off her natural assets to all and sundry, J-Lo needs the help of an artist’s brush.

The Sun takes one look at the poster of the big-arsed star gazing lovingly into the eyes of co-star and real-life fiance Ben Affleck for their latest movie – Gigli – and smells not just a turkey, but something fishy.

And an insider at Columbia Studios is happy to confirm that its suspicions are right.

The picture has been airbrushed to make J-Lo’s bum look smaller and her breasts bigger.

‘They also took off some of the detail on Jennifer’s shirt to show off her bra underneath,’ the insider says, ‘and her hair was altered to look fuller and straighter.’

Movie-goers might wish that the same trouble had been taken with the film itself, which has been generously described by reviewers as ‘the worst film ever’.

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