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Happy Anniversary!

by | 18th, July 2003

‘JULIA Roberts and Danny Moder’s marriage has limped through to a first anniversary, prompting the National Enquirer to ask: ‘Who said it wouldn’t last?’

Colour photography was in its infancy when Danny and Julia married

Er, well, that would have been the National Enquirer, which has been telling its readers for months now that the relationship was on the rocks.

For instance, back in April, the magazine’s cover was emblazoned with the headline: ‘Julia & Danny: It’s All Over!’

And, in case that wasn’t clear enough, it followed it up with another heading inside: ‘Julia’s Marriage Is History’.

Who said it wouldn’t last? Who, indeed?

However, this week the Enquirer is happy to report that the couple celebrated their first anniversary with a second honeymoon – a romantic trip to Italy.

‘Once Julia and Danny touched down in Italy, they seemed to let go of all the problems of the past year,’ a source close to the couple says.

‘They rediscovered the spark that originally brought them together three years ago – and acted like newly-weds the entire trip.’

Of course, having been married for only a year, the couple are pretty well newly-weds – at least anywhere apart from Hollywood where they are now considered the Darby And Joan of Tinseltown.

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