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Tony Cares

by | 21st, July 2003

‘HAD Dr David Kelly been an Iraqi scientist caught between his self-serving, bullying government and Al-Jazeera TV, we’d be talking of hit squads and not suicide.

To remember in our nightmares

As it is, the manner of the scientist’s demise is one thing the papers can agree on, although there is some confusion over why he felt the only way out of his situation was death.

The Telegraph has conducted a poll and uses its front page to declare that 47% of the respondents ‘blame the Government for Dr Kelly’s death’.

That’s not the unanimous verdict needed to get Tony Blair incarcerated for life, but it is enough to damage the one thing Tony holds dear above all else: his image.

Over in the Murdoch-owned Times, Tony is seen smiling.

The paper shows how the face of the Prime Minister has fluctuated between sad and happy as his government and the BBC have been blamed in turn for the ‘sexed up’ dossier scandal.

Today, the paper says the BBC is ‘fighting to save its credibility’, having been pulled into the ‘biggest crisis in its post-war history’.

The Beeb has admitted that Dr Kelly was indeed the main source of defence correspondent Andrew Gilligan’s story, a fact not admitted until after the scientist’s death.

So Tony can be seen smiling. And it’s a smile that Tony can turn on and off in an instant. He’s like a puppet, whose head drops and lifts on command.

Which is handy for when he wants to sip from his mug of tea..

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