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by | 21st, July 2003

‘AS part of our ten-part guide into Celebrity: How To Achieve Fame, we turn to the Independent and its list of the top diets of the moment.

Geri compliments Calista on her to-die-for figure

There is the Atkins Diet (favoured by Geri Halliwell and Jennifer Aniston), the Blood Group Diet (Martine McCutcheon), the Face Reading Diet (Kate Winslet), the Hay Diet (Elizabeth Hurley, Desert Orchid) and the Cabbage Soup Diet (Sarah-Michelle Gellar, Russians).

Whichever one you chose, the British Dietetic Association (BDA) says that you should not follow trends.

The BDA has the temerity to suggest that celebrities are ‘irresponsible’ in endorsing such eating regimes.

‘Celebrities are not nutritionists,’ says Amanda Wynne of the BDA. ‘They should not be giving out advice on the best way to lose weight.’

She advocates an eating plan that encourages people to lose weight sensibly and slowly.

The BDA Diet says that ‘the total number of calories you eat, minus the calories you expend in energy and exercising, will determine how much weight you lose’.

It is nothing short of revolutionary. For starters, what the hell is ‘exercising’?

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