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by | 21st, July 2003

‘IN the final weekly task of the series, the five remaining Big Brother contestants are to be tested on each other’s views on a range of different subjects – political, cultural, social etc.

‘Did I tell you me name’s Ray?’

The inmates will have to speak for at least 10 minutes on subjects chosen for them by Big Brother and then they will be attribute other inmates’ quoted viewpoints to the correct person.

It should be easy enough, given that they all have very defined personalities (or lack thereof) – Ray is Mr Angry, Cameron is Christopher Biggins, Scott is Damon Grant, Steph is Hammy The Hamster and Jon is obviously Mr Tickle.

However, who except Jon will be able to speak for 10 minutes on any subject apart from themselves?

Cameron may possibly get to the 10-minute mark by stringing every word out in that ever-so-annoying way of his. ‘Ooooooooooh, Iiiiiiiiiiiiii saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay…’

But unless Ray is allowed to repeat the same word over and over again, he is going to struggle getting to 10 seconds, never mind 10 minutes.

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