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by | 22nd, July 2003

‘NEWS now to gladden the hearts of Tony Blair and Jeffrey Archer.

‘Hello, girls!’

The Independent reports that surgeons at the General Hospital, Vienna, have achieved the world’s first human tongue transplant.

Rid yourself forever from falsehood and deceit and say ‘Hello!’ to a new tongue.

The report says that the most important question raised by such a procedure is the level of tongue mobility – will it get tied up in difficult situations?

Dr Rowe, chairman of the ethics committee of the British Transplantation Society, puts it into plain English: ‘A lot of immuno-suppression therapy would be required to promote acceptance.’

We can all agree with the good doctor on that point.

It’s just as vital to know who your donor was. If he was an inveterate liar, well-versed in deceit and perverting the course of justice, your new tongue could get you into a right mess.

Look at the first person doctors tried it on – poor Jeffrey Archer…

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