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The Dork From Ork

by | 23rd, July 2003

‘CAMERON has been wondering whether he’s boring. What could possibly have given him that idea we don’t know, but Ray soon put him straight.

‘I fancy some hamster love’

‘Jesus Chroist man, you’ve been anything but f*****g boring,’ the Oirishman protested. ‘Jesus Chroist!’

Reassured, Cameron was soon listing all the interesting things he had done in the house. ‘Made tea, gone to Africa, made tea, gone to Africa¬Ö’

And as if that wasn’t enough, Ray pointed out another fascinating fact. ‘You’re the only Scot to make it to the last week ever. You’ve definitely put Orkney on the map!’

Not a map that anyone wants to buy – but perhaps Cameron will fare better with the book he and Scott are preparing to write about a trip they propose to make around the islands.

Publishing houses are no doubt falling over themselves to sign up the literary duo. After all, if Cameron is anything but boring, what does that say about Scott?

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