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Postcard Post-Mortem

by | 24th, July 2003

‘MOBILE text messaging is consigning the postcard to the dustbin.

‘Oooh, you are a card’

The Telegraph reports that Donald McGill cartoons and pictures of women with ice cream cones stuck in their cleavages are being replaced by text messages.

And the paper says that it’s ‘enough to being tears to the eyes of a donkey in a sunhat’.

Whereas five years ago 30 million cards were sent, there are now just 25 million making the slow journey from resort to home.

While this is not a cataclysmic decline, it is drop nonetheless.

The result is that the image of a goggle-eyed man with the hankie on his head sweating profusely as he watches the bikini-clad busty babe stroll past him and his enormous wife is losing favour.

Instead he’s bought a mobile phone with a camera in it, the girl’s texting her mates about the ‘sck prvrt’ on the beach and his wife’s reading about the Atkins Diet.

Still wish you were here?

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