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Turkey Time

by | 24th, July 2003

‘EVEN an airbrush, famously used to make J-Lo’s bum look slimmer and her breasts bigger on the movie poster for Gigli, couldn’t save the film itself.

‘Do we have to sit through any more of this rubbish?’

Last week, we reported the views of one reviewer who described it as ‘the worst film ever’.

And this morning the Sun pitches in, quoting critics who have branded it ‘a total disaster’ with ‘laughable dialogue and ludicrous plot’.

It was on the set of Gigli (about a lesbian assassin seduced by a hitman) that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck fell in love in real life.

But we can only assume that their romance was fuelled by a shared sense of humour as the couple spent their time laughing at the lines they were asked to utter.

For instance, in one scene J-Lo tries to seduce Affleck by lying back on the bed and telling him (with rare irony): ‘It’s turkey time.’

When he (along with the whole of the audience) asks ‘What?’, she replies: ‘Come on, gobble, gobble!’

‘It was possibly the worst line ever said in a movie,’ one reviewer suggested.

But not content with being the worst film ever and containing the worst line ever, Gigli also boasts two of the worst performances ever.

‘Affleck is just totally miscast and J-Lo is just awful,’ says a critic.

Gigli is released in the United States next week, but British audiences will have to wait until mid-September to see the film.

Start forming an orderly queue now…

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