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Butting Out

by | 25th, July 2003

‘THINGS are changing at the Enquirer. After weeks of reading about J-Lo and her boring romance with wooden, thick-jawed actor Ben Affleck, the magazine is lining up a replacement.

Jennifer Lopez

‘Move over J-Lo, here come BEYONCE,’ says the headline. The magazine then asks: ‘Are they secret twins?’

The simple answer is ‘No!’, but the magazine wants us to consider the evidence, beginning with that most important talent: arse size.

While Beyonce is 42 inches round the rear, J-Lo is a fuller (surely fatter) 43 inches.

And the amazing facts do not end there! They have both worn white hats (picture evidence supplied); both have 34-inch busts; and both girls have worn shorts, although Beyonce’s were red to Jen’s white.

And more amazingly of all, both girls have bought coats made form the pelts of chinchillas. Cosmic link. We think so!

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