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Peer Pressure

by | 28th, July 2003

‘WITH Dr David Kelly’s sad demise, Britain’s pre-eminent expert on chemical and biological weapons is now none other than Jeffrey Archer.

No longer to be known as Lord Liar – just Liar

In fact, it was Archer’s pioneering work in the field of molecular biology in the 1960s that allowed Kelly to develop many of his own insights.

Thus it is with great sadness that we learn in the Telegraph that a new law could see Archer stripped of his peerage as a result of his brave – and brilliant – undercover expose of prison life.

Lord Falconer, the new Lord Chancellor, said the Government planned to change the law to bring the House of Lords in line with the House of Commons.

‘If you are convicted of an offence for 12 months or over, then you should be disbarred from sitting and voting, and you also need to think about having your peerage taken away,’ he said.

Archer was yesterday far too busy to think about having his peerage taken away – he was five days into his attempt to become the first man to swim the Atlantic…both ways.

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