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Cherie-o Baby

by | 28th, July 2003

‘KNOWING as you do that the best satire is very close to that which it lampoons, we bring you news that Cherie Blair likes to sing.

Cherie sings Morrissey

In itself this is not such big news, and what the Mail tells us today was learnt last week when Cherie burst into a rendition of When I’m 64.

The interesting bit is that in an interview with Marie Claire magazine, which the Mail has seen, Cherie is belting out a rendition of Jesus Christ Superstar.

This is not some sort or kinky foreplay, where Tony lies in his crown of thorns and Cherie as Mary Magdalene seduces him to a fifth apostle and a third term in office.

Singing’s just what Cherie likes to do on the way home from the office.

Other favourites coming to a bargain bucket near you are Cherie’s version of hits from My Fair Lady and The Sound of Music.

‘I sing whenever I can,’ says Cherie, forcing us to question Tony’s claim, made in China, that her rendition of The Beatles’ hit was unrehearsed.

But having sent up her husband in song, Cherie is seen in a picture, this time reproduced in the Sun, clearly pretending to be him.

Standing in a room full of scattered toys – believed to be Leo’s – Cherie is seen holding a mug of tea, Tony style. She then goes to her office to check her e-mails.

This is a marvellous satire on her husband, a keen fan of the UK’s Internet Superbridlepass. All that’s left for Cherie to do is to pretend to run the country.

Give it time…

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