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Be Our Gest

by | 28th, July 2003

‘OVER the weekend we were saddened, shocked and sick to our boots to hear the news that ‘superstar’ Liza Minnelli’s marriage to David Gest is over.

When you laugh at David the world laughs with you

The Sun lingers over the bones of what was once so fleshy a relationship, telling us that the final straw came when David told Channel 4’s Graham Norton that his wife became ‘hugely fat’ while ill.

‘I can’t believe you’re saying that about your lovely wife,’ said Norton at the time. And nor could Liza.

An unnamed source says that Liza was ‘furious’. ‘She is very sensitive about her weight.’

So it’s all over. The union of two perfect specimens, one of womanhood and one of something approaching manhood is at an end.

We wish Liza well, and hope that David remains in the limelight, making us, the ugly, fat and waxy, feel better about ourselves.

Just knowing he’s out there is enough…

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