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Kym Jacks It In

by | 29th, July 2003

‘WITH David Gest back on the dusty shelf after his split from Liza Minnelli, the Express says that he’ll soon be joined by Jack Ryder.

‘I can’t wait to have children with Jack’ (Kym Marsh – OK! July 29 2003)

Hunky Jack, who once played a short, pasty-faced mechanic in EastEnders, is said to have split from his wife Kym Marsh after just a year of marriage.

The paper shows a picture of the F-list pair toasting future happiness and album sales at their wedding just one year ago.

Back then the talk was of enduring love and how the pair would rival Michael and Catherine and Posh and Becks for the top spot in the gossip sheets.

The best-laid plans of failed actors and cabaret singers, eh?

Now they issue a statement. ‘Our priority is to preserve the marriage and to consider the children,’ says the carefully worded document. ‘Hopefully with this time and space we’ll be able to sort out our differences.’

Has Jack learned nothing from his time as a soap actor? The only way to mend fences is to have it ‘aht. And then sleep with her mother/sister/father.

Giving Kym space might be asking for trouble, especially as the Sun already hears rumours that she’s having an affair with 20-year-old David Wilcox of boy band Triple 8.

An obliging picture of Kym and David in an embrace is provided. Kym’s not saying anything about the rumours, preferring to stick to her original statement.

Jack had best hope she remains as tight-lipped for the duration of their break and her (alleged) romance…

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