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Fight The Good Flight

by | 1st, August 2003

‘THOSE Frenchies are a crafty bunch.

Ali was amazed when he was hijacked by his distant cousin Osman

Having supplied li-los and all manner of inflatables to asylum seekers who express a preference for roast beef over frogs’ legs, the people across the channel have now devised a new way of crossing the great divide.

The Star shows Felix Baumgartner, a Frenchman, jumping out of a plane over Dover and flying to the French coast.

The entire 22-mile journey to Cap Blanc-Nez, near Calais, took Baumgartner about eight minutes, shaming the cross-channel ferry, hovercraft and even the new improved Eurostar.

‘It’s total freedom,’ says Baumgartner. ‘You are totally alone – just you, your equipment, your wings and your skill.’

Problems begin when friends want to make the trip with you.

We are no experts in avionics but having 22 Afghan asylum seekers share your wings and parachute can only add to the already apparent dangers.

But with the contraption now safely back on French soil, the Gallic authorities are ready to test its properties for real.

The RAF have been scrambled and people picnicking on Kent coast are advised to be on the look out for swarthy men called Ali falling into their boiled egg sandwiches.

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