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Tell Me Moore, Tell Me Moore

by | 1st, August 2003

‘BEN and Jen may be ”Hollywood’s reigning ‘It’ couple”, but they are not ”Hollywood’s hottest couple” – that accolade belongs to Demi Moore and toyboy Ashton Kutcher.

Demi shows what happened to her offcuts

After only three months together, the Enquirer can report that 40-year-old Moore and 25-year-old Kutcher are practically living together.

It’s not enough that they already own houses near each other (and the rest of Hollywood), it says, but now they’re renovating Ashton’s newest home together.

A Kutcher pal explains: ”When he first bought the place, it was going to be a bachelor pad where he and his buddies could party.

”Now his plans have changed. He wants to turn it into a hideaway where just he and Demi can escape to be together, just the two of them.”

The Enquirer has no more news on whether the two are heading down the aisle together, but it does reveal that the only downside Demi has with dating Kutcher is the mail she gets from his fans.

”They call her a cradle-snatcher and some warn her to get her paws off him,” the Enquirer says. ”But Demi is trying to put it in perspective.

”Most of the letters come from teen girls around her daughter Rumer’s age – 15 – so she understands how possessive and passionate they can be.”

After all, Demi was 15 once – and indeed many parts of her still are.

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