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by | 6th, August 2003

‘YOU wait for years for one Kelly to come along and then the papers are full of two of them.

‘Yes, it is true that Lord Archer and I were the first to discover the source of the Nile’

After Dr David Kelly provided much-needed fodder for journalists in the traditionally lean summer months, it’s now the turn of his namesake, Tom Kelly, to take centre stage.

Tom Kelly is the Prime Minister’s official spokesman and the person who described the dead Kelly as a ‘Walter Mitty’ character.

And today he’s on the cover of the Independent looking suitably contrite and apologising for any offence caused.

He’s even issued a statement, which uses phrases like ‘I deeply regret’, ‘a mistake’ and ‘unreservedly apologise’.

It is, however, unlikely that his comments will gain him a seat at Lord Hutton’s inquiry into the whole sorry matter.

But even if they do, the Guardian says that we the people will not see Tom Kelly nor any of the other parties give evidence as the inquiry will not be televised.

Lord Hutton has ruled that Article 10 of the European human rights convention, which deals with freedom of expression, does not cover the ‘right of access to material not yet available to the person concerned’.

Which pretty much say that, thanks to the EU, we won’t have to endure TV coverage of the most pumped-up, sexed-up, cranked-up, talked-up case in years.

Who still says the Europe doesn’t work in our best interests? ‘

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