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Plastic Fantastic

by | 6th, August 2003

‘LESLIE Ash may have got rid of her ‘trout pout’, but she will not forget the people who made her life hell in the past year.

‘Please, throw me back into the water’

‘I know who my enemies are,’ she tells this morning’s Mail, claiming that some of the things said about her were so hurtful that she found it almost impossible to get out of bed.

That may have had more to do with the sheer weight of collagen in the 43-year-old actress’s face, but nevertheless she is after revenge.

And like a goldfish, she never forgets. Or is that an elephant? We forget.

However, should Leslie decide to venture again into the world of plastic surgery, she will be delighted to learn of the new loyalty card being launched by the Harley Medical group.

It means, says the Mail, that frequent customers will be able to collect enough points to get non-surgical procedures like Botox injections and lip-plumping treatment for free.

Group chairman Mel Braham said: ‘We felt compelled to thank the loyal customer base we have had for over 20 years by treating them to a surprise.’

There will be three different types of loyalty card, depending on how much surgery a person has had – collagen (the Leslie Ash), silicone (the Cher) and Polyfilla (the Michael Jackson).

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