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Trigger Happy

by | 7th, August 2003

‘JUST think how great it will be when cloning becomes the norm.

”You look exactly like I did when I was your age”

George Bush can sit on the American throne forever, Tony and Cherie can keep their Cabinet stocked with grinning fools and race horses can all be champions.

That’s the news in the Independent, where a team of Italian veterinary researchers have created the world’s first cloned horse.

It was a long shot, but given the success of Dolly The Sheep, well worth a moderate flutter.

Giovanna Lazzaro, a member of the stable of vets, is happy.

”The cloning of the horse was attempted just on scientific grounds,” says he, ”but, in terms of the practical implications, you can imagine that someone may want to clone a famous horse.”

Which takes us neatly back to the Arnold Schwarzenegger and the race for the governorship of California.

You can just see Arnie on Trigger II, the golden palomino stallion providing the perfect foil to the great man as he goes about his daily deeds – munching jelly beans and remembering to wake up…

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