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Blown Away

by | 8th, August 2003

‘OK, you can start eating now. We said you can start eating. Jee-sus, is Lara Flynn Boyle deaf or what? YOU CAN START EATING NOW!!!

You alright in there, Lara?

It’s no good, she can’t hear us. She’s on the beach and the sound of the surf in her ears must be interfering with our efforts at communication.

Perhaps if we rub our stomachs and mime eating. No, that won’t work – Lara is no method actor and she’s also got little by way of stomach.

Perhaps if we all stand in a line and blow she’ll look over to see where the breeze is coming from. On the count of three… one…two…three…BLOW!

Stop blowing. Stop blowing. SUCK! SUCK! Suck harder! She’s floating out to sea, flipping and flapping like a feather in a hurricane.

SUCK! SUCK! Oh, well done. She’ll be just fine. Just pull her out of the gap between your teeth and send her on her way.

Oh no! We forgot to tell her to start eating again…

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