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Tightening The Net

by | 12th, August 2003

‘THERE are many lunatics, weirdos and oddballs out there.

Daniel’s bedroom

There is the woman calling herself Jodie Rimm, who arrives in the Mirror by way of the $50,000 she donated to charity for a kiss with Sharon Stone.

Said one audience member at the charity do in California: ”I think there were plenty of men – and women – in the audience who would have loved to be Jodie’s shoes.”

Shoes which are sensible from the rounded tip to the low heel.

The real surprise in that tale is that it did not in some way involve the Internet.

In an effort to wean the impressionable off the sink of bile that is the World Wide Web, German social services have constructed a summer camp for computer addicts.

The Mail visits the camp in the seaside town of Boltenhagen, northern Germany, and finds out what’s going on.

The inmates, who usually spend up to nine hours a day surfing chatrooms, playing games and researching this and that on their PCs have to make do with just 30 minutes computer access for the 28 days they’re in camp.

The camp aims to give children, like Daniel, ”who weighs 16 stone and has no friends at school”, advice on how to eat properly, keep friends and build self-confidence.

Anyone wanting to find out more should log into, and pack their own leather trunks…

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