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Boys ‘n’ Blue

by | 12th, August 2003

‘THE one good thing about working in these hot and humid conditions is that you are, most likely, not driving while you do so.

”Oi, who pinched my face?”

Blue’s ferret-faced singer Lee Ryan probably wishes he’d been working instead of erratically cruising round town in his blue Porsche at 4am.

Had he been in the studio recording with the band, he would have escaped the attention of the Sun, to whom Ryan gives a one-finger salute, and the Old Bill, to whom Lee gave a sample of his toxic breath.

Lee failed the breath test and then could not even recall his name when asked.

But we’ll excuse him this, since in a year from now nine out of ten coppers won’t have a clue who he is either.

But worse things happen in Jaguars, especially the one not driven by John Prescott. That solitary Jag is under the stewardship of Mike Ball, who tells the Sun about his ordeal.

Driving along in the heat, Ball removed the shoe and sock on his left foot. He had an itch from a mosquito bite and wanted to scratch it.

Next day, a toe on the naked foot turned blue. He went to the doctor who diagnosed it as frostbite.

”I am amazed that women driving in open-toed shoes are not affected,” says Ball.

Sadly, we’ll never know if they are since John Prescott’s wife is rarely, if ever, behind the wheel…

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