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The Vest Of Times

by | 13th, August 2003

‘STILL searching for a beginning to her talents, Victoria Adams is today wearing a vest.

”Is it cos I is black?”

It’s a dark green vest, which should have the papers asking if khaki is the new white, given her husband’s many appearances in such an item.

Buoyed by her success in the sleeveless undergarment, Vicky moves on in the Sun to a pair of black shorts and a pair of shoes.

Proving that she is the true Style Queen, Vicky places her feet in the two shoes – one in each. What Vicky doesn’t know about getting dressed is not worth knowing.

But why is she changing career? A life in evening gowns was hers for the taking, but Vicky has reinvented herself. Now it’s underwear.

The Express tracks Vicky’s career and says that her new look is sponsored by an ”urban streetware” company called Roca Wear.

Since Vicky lives on a street in urban Madrid, this is a look she is well suited to.

However the Star says the new look is linked to drugs, guns and violence. Her link with the fashion label ”plunges her into the shady world of gangsta rap,” says the paper.

But this might be Victoria’s niche. After all, she does have black roots – well, brown ones with a little dye in them…

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