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by | 14th, August 2003

‘IF there were an A-level in righteous indignation, it is pretty clear that it would be the subject of choice for every aspiring university applicant.

Tigger suggests a game of Pooh Sticks

It is something we do remarkably well, as demonstrated by a story in today’s Guardian.

Parents in Birmingham, who had taken their children to Star City Warner Village to watch Piglet’s Big Movie, first noticed something was wrong during the trailers.

Instead of previews for the latest Disney film or Teletubbies: The Movie, the kids were treated to scenes from Jeepers Creepers 2 and slasher flick Freddie v Jason.

And before cinema bosses could intervene, the main attraction was on screen – and there was not a Winnie The Pooh to be seen.

Instead, the Guardian says, they were presented with the gruesome opening to The Wrong Turn, an 18-rated slasher flick in much the same vein as the trailers.

And that is enough to prompt Sally Nulty, who took her son Luke and his cousin Rebecca, both aged five, to see the film into a frenzy of righteous indignation.

”How can you make a mistake between the name Wrong Turn and Piglet’s Big Movie unless the person employed to switch on the movies can’t read?” she stormed.

”I’m really very angry that they were exposed to those images.”

Sally received an apology from Warner Village and complimentary tickets but, for Luke and Rebecca, a lifetime in therapy awaits.

As for the projectionist, he is no doubt this morning celebrating an A grade in his English A-level.

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