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Roy Reveals All

by | 14th, August 2003

‘HAYLEY clip-clopped back to Weatherfield, blissfully unaware of the storm awaiting her return. Roy, being the all-round decent bloke and sap that he is, insisted on telling Hayley everything of his night with Racy Tracy.

”You’ve got things she hasn’t, Hayley”

”I slept with another woman,” he mumbled into his apron. Another woman? What woman has he slept with before Tracy? Hayley took the news surprisingly calmly. ”I’m sure nothing actually happened,” she said – she knows her Roy well.

Tracy has left Weatherfield after being turned away from every door, penniless and pregnant. That’s as far as any comparison with the Virgin Mary goes though.

Apparently Tracy is set to return later this year, complete with unwanted baby that she sells to Hayley and Roy.

Let’s hope she gets more for it than the penny she got paid for sleeping with him in the first place.

Martin and Katie are another couple set to cause a scandal. Dad Tommy has already knocked out hapless Tyrone, mistakenly thinking he’s the one she’s been sleeping with. God only knows how he’s going to react when he finds out it’s actually his best mate!

To be fair to Martin though, Katie is the oldest looking 16-year-old since Gary Coleman in Different Strokes.

Les Battersby has been let out of prison (well, even Archer’s been freed) and returned to The Street, determined to get revenge on Emma and Mick.

”This is the biggest miscarriage in the history of the world,” he ranted at them. ”I wouldn’t be surprised if the Home Secretary ‘imself got involved.”

If you read your tabloids, you’ll know that Mick does indeed get his comeuppance soon when he attacks Les in front of Janice and Curly. Bizarrely though, instead of getting a medal, he gets arrested.

Peter and Shelly are back from honeymoon. Within minutes of their return, Shelly’s back in the Lycra behind the bar and Peter’s back visiting Number One Wife Lucy. It seems the honeymoon really is over for Shelly.

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