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Nush Off

by | 18th, August 2003

‘WHAT did happen to Nush and Scott, the drippy Malvern string of water and the Scouse no-mark whose performances on Big Brother made us long for the Test Card of old?

”It’s truly amazing,” thought Scott, ”you’d never know she was once a man”

For starters they went to Cyprus – not to avoid the crush of their adoring fans but because OK! paid for their trip.

The clear plan was that the pair would fall in love. So in each photo the OK! snapper moves them close together.

So we get Nush and Scott drinking cocktails. Nush and Scott engaging in a loose embrace. Nush and Scott firing water pistols at each other. Nush and Scott sitting in a swimming pool.

Nush and Scott riding a jet bike. Nush and Scott downing some more booze. Nush and Scott leaning on a railing. Nush and Scott putting each other’s head in a hot oven and slamming the door repeatedly.

That last one has yet to happen, but if it got the pair to actually show signs of affection and even something approaching lust, the OK! snapper would probably sanction it.

So until then, let’s wonder what Nush and Scott will do next. How about Nush and Scott disappear..?

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