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The Old Black

by | 19th, August 2003

‘IF David Beckham really were as black as he and his myriad advisors occasionally want him to be would he be such a big star? He’d play for England, he might even captain the side. But would he be seen as handsome, a figure to revere?

The chances are no. The one thing for sure is that the vitriol and hatred aimed at him after his dismissal in the 1998 World Cup finals would have been peppered with banana skins and monkey noises.

Football fans are not all enlightened urban types. There are many grounds in both inner city and provincial Britain where black players are treated badly. Black fans just do not go there.

The Colour of Football (BBC2 tonight at 11:20) scratches the glossy veneers of Premiership football to see what lies beneath.

People who see the national sport only through TV screens will be surprised at how few fans from ethnic minorities actually attend football matches.

With so many black players making the grade, why are there still a disproportionately small number of black supporters in the stands?

Set the video for this one.’

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