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Bum Rap

by | 20th, August 2003

‘WE don’t get to see who came second and third in the Miss Sexy Bum contest in the Bedrock nightclub in the infamous Greek resort of Faliraki.

Gemma-Anne shows off the offending articles

But we do know who won the event, billed as a Eurovision Thong Competition – 18-year-old Gemma-Anne Gunning.

Naturally, Gemma-Anne was excited at her victory, which carried a prize of 50 euros and a bottle of champagne, and celebrated in true footballing style by whipping off her top and flashing her boobs.

Unfortunately, while the flier for the event said it would be “filmed for future broadcast”, it forgot to say that doing the filming would be undercover cops.

And the future broadcast would be in a Greek court where yesterday Gemma-Anne was sentenced to eight months in jail unless she can pay a fine of £2,036.

The Star says the Somerset teenager was just the latest victim of “the crackdown on decency [sic] at the wild Greek resort”.

Faliraki police chief Themis Kalamotas explained that he carried out the arrests himself.

“As soon as Miss Gunning was proclaimed winner, we took her away,” he said.

And District Attorney George Economou elaborated: “She has insulted our Greek values. While she is in Greece, she must abide by our laws.

“She took her bikini off. She squeezed her nipples and made other gestures.”

But, in spite of her ordeal, Miss Sexy Bum 2003 was defiant, telling the paper: “I’m big enough and ugly enough to look after myself.”

A fact confirmed by pictures of her on the front page of the Mail and Express.’

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