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Yanking Our Chain

by | 22nd, August 2003

‘WHEN Americans do sitcom, they set it in a lawyer’s office, in a fashion magazine or in a radio station and populate it with good-looking and successful (if somewhat neurotic) characters.

Say ‘No Cheese’

When Brits do sitcom, they set it in a holiday camp or in a bingo hall and populate it with a bunch of unattractive losers.

That would be all very well if the comedy was up to the standard of the best American shows like Seinfeld or Will And Grace, but it isn’t.

Faced with a choice (as you are at 9 o’clock tonight), do you opt for Eyes Down on BBC1, which stars Paul O’Grady (who is a far better drag stand-up than he is a comic actor) and is set in a bingo hall, or a 45-minute long episode of Will & Grace on Channel 4?

It is a rhetorical question because there is only one possible answer. Watch out for Sydney Pollack’s performance as Will’s father – it just shows how much better the Yanks are at doing sitcom than us.’

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