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Another Martyr

by | 26th, August 2003

‘WOULD you lay down your life to save the pound?

‘I fought the law and I won’

It’s a silly question, really. Of course you would. That’s why our jails are full of “metric martyrs” and other patriotic souls who refuse to bow down to the busybody bureaucrats of Brussels.

Now the Guardian reveals that there may be another martyr. Dr Kelly, it transpires, may have inadvertently laid down his life to save our traditional currency.

His death, and the resulting public enquiry, appears to have derailed Tony Blair’s plans to introduce the euro to these shores.

“All attempts to have a roadshow have been knocked out of the window,” says Ian Taylor, the Conservative chairman of the European movement.

No roadshow? No lip-biting and strutting from our PM, as he thrashes his Strat and yells his Euro-rock anthems?

These are dog days for Tony and no mistake.’

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