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Too Blue Peter

by | 1st, September 2003

‘IT is going a bit far to talk of The Curse Of Blue Peter, but it’s a good title under which to review the fall from grace of such stalwarts of the programme as John Leslie, Richard Bacon and Anthea Turner.

Shep’s coke habit was all too apparent

In fact, any title is a good one under which to chart the decline of the chocolate-loving Anthea, who these days is thankfully as absent from our screens as a few years ago she was omnipresent.

But we also get to dig out the old clips of Peter Duncan in a softcore porn movie, gasp in shock at Janet Ellis (mum of Sophie Ellis Bextor) becoming pregnant while not even being married and wonder how on earth Mark Curry ever has anything resembling a career.

For older viewers, we also relive the sacking of Christopher Trace in the 1960s for committing adultery on a Blue Peter trip to Norway (“Here’s one I laid earlier”) and the revelations that Valerie Singleton and Michael Sundin were gay.

Definitely not one to miss. Tonight at 9pm on five.’

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