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Help! It’s The Goodys

by | 1st, September 2003

‘IN our search for the new Beckhams, need we look further than Big Brother loudmouth Jade Goody and her handsome TV presenter boyfriend Jeff Brazier?

‘I’d eat Posh for breakfast’

They may not provide the intoxicating mix of sport and showbiz of David and Victoria (or even David and Sammy), but they have the same insatiable lust for publicity as Los Beckhamos.

And they have the same stable relationship as Posh and Becks. Yes, don’t believe the reports in “unreliable” newspapers (which means everything but the Star and Express) – Jade and Jeff are together and their relationship is stronger than ever.

“Even during our interview, the pair bicker and talk over each other, interrupting and contradicting” says OK!, “but it’s so refreshingly natural and honest that you feel it’s a positive, rather than something that signals a doomed relationship.”

But what of their celebrity separation (in which Jeff walked out of their house for three minutes to put the rubbish out).

“I felt like I wasn’t getting the respect I deserved,” Jeff explains. “I felt like I was giving so much and not getting anything back. So I wrote Jade a letter and told her exactly how I felt.”

And Jade? “I looked at it,” she says, “and just thought it was very unfair.” Lots of long words and no pictures…’

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