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May The Force Be With You!

by | 2nd, September 2003

‘GOOD news now for amputees who want to drive. The Times says that those wily Japanese have invented a car that parks itself.

‘And it’s got no road tax, warden!’

The pain of looking over your shoulder as you reverse into that people carrier and knock into the old boy with his shopping trolley (“Oi granddad! Meals On Wheels not good enough for you?”) might be a thing of the past.

The Toyota Prius is the beginning of a new era in motoring, it says here.

As the Times goes on to say, this car will run on a combination of electricity and petrol and contain those amazing sensors that allow it to park itself.

But the problem remains how to prevent others from bumping into your new car.

Thankfully, a boy genius down our way says that the car’s electrical components can be rewired to charge your spotless new vehicle with an electronic forcefield. Anything within two inches of the paintwork will be burnt to a cinder.

Just think of the fun when the parking warden goes to put his ticket on your windscreen.

Now that’s progress…’

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