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by | 3rd, September 2003

‘A CHILD’s view of the world has never been pleasant.

Mabel hadn’t moved since 1956

If they’re not looking directly up the encrusted hooter of some overbearing relative, they’re staring at the headrest of the car driver’s seat.

So thank all that’s good for television, which offers them the chance to escape their depressing lives for a few fleeting moments a day – or six hours if a new study is believed.

The Telegraph has read a survey by the NOP pollsters and noted that one in three children under the age of six watches television for between two and six hours every day.

This, dear friend, is the truest sign of progress that any country can have.

If we want to be like America, we must think like America, and what better way than by tutoring our sponge-brained youth with the wonders of the magic box?

And better news is still to come. The Guardian reports that one in three children under the age of four now has a television in their bedroom.

Whether it’s racing from Newmarket or Neighbours, the youth are opening their eyes to a world beyond school and homework.

And when the GCSE in TV Watching becomes the benchmark of educational success, just think how great those results will look. Before long, we’ll be the envy of the world.

The fat youth of America had best look out – the British are coming. Slowly, but they are coming…’

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