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Brace Yourself

by | 3rd, September 2003

‘HIYA! I’m Nicky Byrne. You might remember me from the other week, when I married me childhood sweetheart, the lovely Georgina Ahern.

Nicky and Georgie always had their matching toothpicks hanging round their necks

Since then things have moved on a furious pace. We’ve consummated our love, bathed in a vat of water and lilies (see first point) and I’ve had a brace fitted to me teeth.

It’s not a train track or anything so ugly, or one of those things that goes over yer heed so as you can’t sleep. Nah! It’s just a neat, tasteful line over the old pearly whites.

Georgina just loves it and can’t get enough of twanging it with her own teeth when we kiss. Wedded life just gets better and better.

You can see we’re having loads of fun already, splashing about in the pool of love as we honeymoon in the wonderful Seychelles.

Georgie – that’s me name for me girl – jokes about not leaving a wet path for her so sit in.

The first time she said it I laughed so hard me tongue got caught in me brace and Georgina had to use the crucifix round me neck to prize me jaws apart. That’s love. That’s a beautiful love.

What the future will bring can only be imagined. Georgie thinks we’ll have lots of children and live in paradise.

I could just kiss her – but the stitches on her tongue are not quite healed, so I’ll leave it.

After all, why hurry – we have a lifetime together…’

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