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Tories Have A Prayer

by | 4th, September 2003

‘IF you were Iain Duncan Smith what would you pray for?

‘She just asked me when I was going to move into Downing Street!’

Got it in one – we too would pray that we were someone else.

But God works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform – and the Tories hope that She in the big Central Office in the air has a blue heart to go with the blonde mane and shapely ankle.

So the Tories have turned to prayer. And the Guardian has tapped into the group’s hotline to God, locating the conduit at an official Conservative website, run by the spine-shudderingly-named Conservative Christian Fellowship.

What the paper sees, and reproduces for its readers, is a prayer for every day of the week.

On Monday we close our eyes and ‘pray that he [IDS] will continue to be influenced by the often desperate plight of many people and communities in Britain’.

Such as Her Majesty’s opposition in Westminster, Jeffrey Archer and Anthea Turner.

We must also pray for IDS’s family. ‘Pray that Iain Duncan Smith’s commitments to keep the media’s prying eyes from his children’s lives will be successful.’ Amen to that.

That’s Monday covered. On Wednesday things are a little more desperate. ‘Pray for MPs Andrew Selous and Gary Streeter as they seek to approach a number of potentially high value donors to secure money for some major CCF initiatives in the coming year.’ Hallelujah!

On Saturday there’s another prayer for the forsaken Mr Selous, perhaps triggered by his role as CCF parliamentary chairman.

And no rest for the good and true as on Sunday Conservatives are beseeched to pray for Graham Clark (CCF treasurer and also Christians in Politics project manager) ‘that he will be successful in his bid to raise £500pa from Christian charities’. May God grant him the cash to succeed.

From not having a prayer, the Tories now have over a dozen. Meanwhile, the Labour party has but one – that IDS continues to be Tory leader for many years to come…’

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