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Scrambled Eggs

by | 4th, September 2003

‘AND so to our Hutton Inquiry word or phrase of the day.

‘Saddam had the chickens, but we have no evidence they were producing eggs’

After ‘sexed-up’, ‘You lying scum, Tony’ and ‘It was him’, the Telegraph introduces the world to ‘over-egged’.

In context the phrase, as uttered by Brian Jones, runs: ‘There was a tendency to over-egg certain assessments about [the] production of chemical weapons.’

Of course, with each new phrase there is a new witness, and today’s, Brian Jones, is described in the Guardian as a ‘top analyst in the defence intelligence staff’.

The paper lists the other highlights of his evidence. ‘Iraq’s weapons capacity was not accurately represented in the dossier,’ says the first.

‘Complaints from experts were ignored after ‘the shutters came down’,’ says the second.

Those would be the bombproof shutters that have just been activated along Downing Street.

According to a new dossier we all have four minutes to live. Or not, as the case may be…’

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