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Curly Up And Die

by | 8th, September 2003

‘CURLY left Weatherfield this week after 20 years of playing the amiable loser in love, shoved out by producers to the wilds of Newcastle. He left clutching his telescope, and his P45.

Bins and gone

“Make sure you visit!” shouted Emily. Foolish woman. Doesn’t she know that Weatherfield is like the set of ‘The Prisoner’? When your number’s called, your time is up.

Tracy seems to be the exception to the rule though, merrily flitting between London, Weatherfield and now the Bahamas. But then we’ve all suspected that she’s been in league with the Devil for some time.

Her latest Machiavellian plot involves selling her unborn child to Roy and Hayley for twenty grand then going on holiday with the proceeds. “We’re going to bring the baby up in a proper family environment,” man-woman Hayley told a bemused Tracy.

Someone else with childcare issues to sort out is Gail. Bethany ended up in hospital after getting accidentally electrocuted by Tony’s dodgy wiring job in Todd’s flat. Gail reacted with predictable calmness, emitting the sort of high-pitched screeching rarely heard outside bat sanctuaries.

“She’s an unfit mother,” she railed at Martin. And this coming from a woman who married a mass murderer. Gail called Weatherfield Social Services (an organization she’s probably very familiar with after her husband kidnapped and traumatised her own children not so long ago) to complain about Sarah. Unfortunately for Gail, the social worker could find nothing wrong with Sarah or Todd’s parenting skills – shame the same can’t be said for her.

Sarah worked out that it was her own mother who’d shopped her in and went round to confront her. “You just can’t stand the idea of me having my own life, of having someone who loves me” – “and who doesn’t want to kill me,” she should have added.

And just when you though things couldn’t get any worse in the Platt household, Nick ‘The Plank’ Tilsley returns to The Street to enter ‘Britain’s worst actor competition’ alongside Keith Duffy aka Ceiran. According to the press, Nick’s set to have quite an impact on someone else in The Street when Todd tries to kiss him.

I sincerely hope producers will re-think this horrendous storyline. But perhaps the signs were always there after all: Todd was set to go to university and has been spotted reading books on several occasions. And having Gail as a potential mother-in-law might be all the incentive he needed to go the gay way.’

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