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Magical Mystery Tour

by | 8th, September 2003

‘WITH the fate of Lord Lucan possibly established, this morning’s papers turn to the job of debunking other mysteries.

‘Iain Duncan who?

The Independent reports that scientists have finally come up with a rational explanation for those who have experienced the spine-chilling sensation associated with the presence of a ghost.

Apparently, it is due to nothing more sinister than infrasound – notes so low they can be felt but not heard – which could be produced, for instance, by passing traffic.

“To test the human reaction to these tones, researchers played deep bass notes to a classical music audience through a 7in modified sewer pipe,” the paper says.

“Many in the audience complained of anxiety or shivers down the spine.”

Meanwhile, researchers in the Guardian have solved another of the acoustic world’s riddles – why a duck’s quack has no echo.

The answer is apparently that it does, but it’s very hard to hear.

Some mysteries, however, seem destined to remain unsolved – like why the Tory party ever chose Iain Duncan Smith as their leader.’

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